Sara Loftus

Sara Loftus portrait
Grade 5
Oak Grove Elementary
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Hello Oak Grove Families!  

I began my teaching career in 2005 and have taught mostly Kindergarten and First Grade.  I have taught in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Primary Grades are my passion.  I love the magic of learning to read.  I try to make sure my students have choice, voice, and develop curiousity for their world.

I am always looking for knitting inspiration, new places to run, and interesting food to eat.

Class Name
G201-LA 202 English Language Arts Gr 2
G202-MA 202 Math Gr 2
G203-SS 202 Social Studies Gr 2
G204-SC 202 Science Gr 2
G205-HE 202 Health Gr 2
G500-HR 304 Homeroom Gr 5
G502-MA 304 Math Gr 5
G503-SS 304 Social Studies Gr 5
G504-SC 304 Science Gr 5
G505-HE 304 Health Gr 5